Continental Giants are one of the largest breed of rabbits in the world. They are very popular, and highly desired by many. The personality of these fabulous bunnies is exceptional! These Giant rabbits are curious and yet very calm, so they make excellent pets for children and adults alike. Each Continental Giant expresses their own identity, just as individual humans do, and they all thrive on human interaction and companionship. With proper FEEDING and CARE

Continental Giant Origins

There are several physical differences between the ‘country-specified’ Giant rabbit breeds. However, all Giant breeds have originally derived from the Flemish Giant, founded in Flanders, Belgium in the late 1800’s. The name Continental Giant (also known as ‘Conti’) began as the collective term used in European show circuits. This was done as a general term of reference to all of the Giant breeds. The reason for having a collective breed name is so that all breeds could be shown as one group, instead of having multiple breeds put on the show tables.

Bloodlines of Continental Giants

Due to the combination of BREEDS , it is common for one individual Conti’s lineage to vary greatly. For instance, a Continental Giant which is imported from Germany is technically a German Giant rabbit. However, once that rabbit has been imported into a different country, it is then also referred to as being a Continental Giant. Additionally, offspring of such imported Giants may also carry British, Dutch, Spanish, or other country-specific bloodlines.

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