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When Breeding Conti’s, always start with the best Giant buck and doe you can get. They should initially be bred between the 8th to 9th months of age. The reason for this is because if your doe is not producing by the time they above 9 months of age, it may be harder to get her to conceive. Furthermore, both of your Continental Giants (buck and doe) should weigh at least 13 pounds before they are bred, and otherwise be healthy. An additional word to the wise is that if your doe is obese she could have difficulty in producing offspring. Therefore, it is important that your Continental Giant doe maintain a healthy weight during her entire life.


Ideally, breeding conti’s should be done by pairing like colors . In other words, to get pure, clean fur coloration, you should strive towards breeding like-colors; chestnut to chestnut, black to black, and so on. One problem with this is that in the United States, currently, there are limited numbers of Conti’s to work with. Therefore, acquiring several Giants of one color may prove to be a bit difficult. Furthermore, make sure the Conti’s in your breeding program compliment each others strengths and weaknesses. To improve quality in your herd, breeding a buck and doe who both have weak bone will only increase that problem. Once Continental Giant ownership increases, however, it will become easier to maintain the above standard practices. With that said, please keep in mind that if you are intending to breed Conti’s, follow the rule of use it or loose it; it’s better to breed a black Conti to a yellow one, rather than risk non-productivity.

Newborn Continental Giant Rabbit Babies


The gestation period (length of pregnancy) is the same for Continental Giants as it is for all other breeds of rabbits. From the date of a successful breeding, your Conti doe should kindle (have babies) between 28-31 days later. Typically, most will deliver (6 to 12 kits) on day 31.


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