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Proper care is the most important thing you can do for your Continental Giant. Education and preparedness to handle every aspect in his/her life should not be over-looked. So, rule number one is to always “do your homework!”. As you can imagine, with giant rabbits comes giant responsibilities. Continental Giants are no exception to that rule. On the plus side, however, Conti’s are the most affectionate breed imaginable, so the more time you spend with them for grooming,


Continental Giant’s do not require a ton of extra care, but regular weekly
HEALTH EXAMS will keep you informed of when there could be a problem. These exams also should be done each time you buy a new rabbit. In addition to doing weekly hands-on exams, it’s also very important to notice any changes in posture, personality, potty habits, and recognizing if your bunny’s DIET is not normal. The slightest change could be your first clue to diagnosing HEALTH PROBLEMS such as Enteritis, Wool Block, and more.

Next on the list is housing. Due to their giant size, it is not only important to provide

HOUSING that is large enough for them to have lots of room, they also need plenty of space for exercising in order to keep their muscles well developed and their bodies all tuned up and in good condition. Furthermore, for those interested in breeding them, it is imperative that the does have the space to remain active, which aids in their being able to produce good, healthy babies. After all, what goes on inside of their bodies is every bit as important as what happens to the outside of their bodies.

GROOMING is also an important factor to raising healthy, happy Giants. Brushing should be done at least once a week and nails should be checked at least once a month, and trimmed as needed.

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