Conti Standards

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The Conti Standards, per the British Rabbit Counsel (BRC), are scored by points. In like manner to the ARBA Standards, a certain amount of points are allotted for type, body, head, coat, color, and condition. The total combination of these numbers result in a score of up to 100 points per rabbit.

Conti Standards

The Conti’s over-all type should be muscular and massive. They are to have wide shoulders and well-rounded hindquarters. The underline of the continental giants body, when posed correctly, is to be arched such as an English Spot or Checkered Giant. The body must be at least 65cm (26inches) long, with an ear length of at least 25% of the body length, or 7 inches long minimally. Furthermore, Continental Giants are also scored by points, based on their weight; ranging from 12.4 pounds and up to or above 15.8 pounds. (These weight specifications are for Colors… the White varieties typically are a bit lighter in weight.)

Continental Colors

The Conti standards call for 2 variations; ‘color’ & ‘white.’ According to the BRC Standards, the recognized colors are: Black, Dark Steel Grey, Light Steel Grey, Opal, Yellow, Chinchilla, 2 varieties of Agouti (Chestnut & Red), & 2 varieties of White (REW & BEW). Furthermore, while there are quite a few other colors available, the above mentioned are the only colors that are recognized by the BRC. Additionally, they are the only colors that can be shown *where they are recognized. Unrecognized colors, such as a Chocolate Chinchilla (aka Self Chin), Diluted White Chin (aka Ghost Chin), Blue, and Vienna Marked (aka VM’s) are not desirable. Otherwise, these odd colors should not be added to any Continental Giant standard breeding program!

Connect with the BRC

The above information is not intended as a full substitution for reading the actual BRC Standards. For more specific details, visit their official site:
The BRC ***If you have further questions about the conti breed standards, you should contact the BRC directly.

ARBA Standards

Continental Giants are not a recognized breed of rabbits in the United States. As such, there are no “true show quality” Conti in the States. Those who do raise and breed these amazing giants refer to the British Rabbit Counsel (BRC) Standards in regards to positive and negative breed traits, body length, weight, fur and eye color, and other such factors.

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