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See our import links for the top most suggested means of transporting Continental Giants from other countries, into America. These are companies which have previously been used and are recommended by those who have already imported rabbits. If you have suggestions of other agencies, please contact us and we’ll gladly add them to our list.


Most shipping agents will do everything except pick out your rabbit and pay the breeder whom you are buying stock from. However, it is important to always ask questions and have a clear understanding of what will / will not be done. Generally speaking though, agents will take care of the shipping kennels, feed dish, water bottle, airlines. Some may also provide pre-transport vet services and customs regulations. Otherwise, pretty much all you have to do is find and work out the details with a breeder, and then forward the dates and other required information to the Agent. From there, you will be given appropriate paperwork, a date and time, and then you go to the airport to pick up your new bunnies. However, be mindful of flight delays, and always arrive at the airport at least an hour early. Sounds easy enough, right! Well – it does save you a LOT of leg-work. But, in return, you need to be prepared to pay!! (The “typical” price will be in the ballpark of $1,400.00-USD, on top of the cost of the rabbit, vet certification and which you have to pay directly to the breeder. (International Customs fees may also be applicable!)

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When possible, its best to connect with direct flights, nearest to your breeder’s location, arriving closest to your home. Otherwise, the best prices for booking flights are during the off-season months. For example, February and March dates will be cheaper than May and June dates. Additionally, cooler temperatures will help reduce your Continental Giants’ flight-stress. Another time saving tip is to be prepared for regulations regarding cargo shipment scheduling. In other words, your preferred airline may require as much as a 6 week notice of your desired shipping date. Therefore, you will need to remain flexible and be prepared to arrive when and where you are instructed to.

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