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Importing rabbits is a lengthy and detailed process. However, once you find and make arrangements with a good breeder, the rewards of importing are often significantly worth the efforts. Otherwise, there are two ways to import; both are as described below.


This is a bit of pot-luck. Some breeders are willing to sell rabbits to those wishing to import them into the United States, and others will not. However, there is a list of UK Conti Breeders that you can choose breeders from. To connect with them, get on facebook, and join the CONTINENTAL GIANTS IN USA Group. You will find the breeders list located in the FILE section on this group. Connect with and start talking to those breeders, build relationships and work with those are comfortable with, who are willing to allow their rabbits to be imported. Remember to be courteous and respectful also. After all, they want the very best for their giant rabbits, and they need to know what they are doing will result in the best care available for their furry babies.


This is a list of the most common things you will be required to have when importing. Please note, this is just to give you a basic idea, and not intended to be referrenced as a full, complete listing.

(1.) Certificate of Health – by a vet in the region of purchase. *Only valid for 10 days
(2.) Fit To Fly Certificate – by a vet in the region of purchase.
(3.) Vaccination Certificates – by a vet in the region of purchase.
(4.) Airline Approved Kennel – provided by shipping agent or airline being used
(5.) Airline Approved Feed Dish – provided by shipping agent or airline being used
(6.) Airline Approved Water Dish – provided by shipping agent or airline being used
(7.) International Customs Paperwork – Department of International Customs
(8.) Transportation from Breeder to Airport – option of your choice
(9.) Transportation from Airport to you – option of your choice
(10.) Conversion of Currency – from your currency exchange to the currency used in region of purchase
(11.) Airline Transportation – cargo fees plus cost of flight per person, if applicable


Typical prices abroad for buying Conti’s range from $75 to $150 (USD) per rabbit. Add the costs of the above noted items, and you can expect a ballpark figure of + $900.00 per Continental Giant rabbit. Furthermore, it’s often cheaper to buy several rabbits per trip, depending on which airline you use and what their allowances. Another suggestion is to join a small group of individuals and split the costs of the trip. *NOTE: Take no chances, skip all short-cuts, and do it by the book to AVOID INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMS QUARANTINE BY ALL MEANS POSSIBLE! Most Conti’s do not survive this due to the stress involved.


For the most part, you will pay all of the above, except the hotel and personal expenses. However, what you may save in respects to those, you will pay to the SHIPPING AGENT for his work. In other words, that one $900.00 rabbit just jumped up to an average cost of $1,400.00. However, the trade-off could be well worth the money spent! Working with an experienced agent will also save you lots of headaches, work, and time. Otherwise, do your homework, compare prices, and remember that airline prices also fluctuate according to dates.

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