Conti Colors

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When it comes to Conti colors, the first question asked is What colors are there? While it is satisfying to answer the color question with a list of colors by name, we decided it would be much better to offer a full description of each color and show pictures of these colors, so you can really see what they look like. Additionally, other than just offering a list of the colors that are recognized by the British Rabbit Counsel, we have decided to further add a few shots of different colors; these un-recognized colors are not desirable among those who show and work diligently to improve their show-herd. However, others do enjoy the colors as they make wonderful pets for those who love them, plus when done so carefully and with a specific goal, there is always the option of working towards having these other colors recognized as new varieties.


– A deep black, with blue/black undercolour. Eyes hazel or black.

Dark Steel – Dark steel grey with slate blue undercolour, and tips of the fur is grey. Eyes deep hazel.

Light Steel – A medium grey that blends into a sandy/brown band & a greyish blue undercolour with grey guard hairs, & gold/brown tips. Eyes deep hazel.

Chestnut Agouti – A deep chestnut shade with black ticking and dark slate-blue undercolour. Ears laced black, eye circles, underside of tail and belly white with slate undercolour.

Red Agouti – A rich coppery red shade with black ticking. The undercolour is medium orange with a dark slate undercolour. The underside of the tail and the belly to be cream with a slate undercolour.

Opal – Pale blueish grey over a medium fawn band and slate undercolour. Ears laced blue. Eye circles, underside of tail and belly to be white with a slate undercolour.

Yellow – Vivid yellow covering body, the front legs, pelvis and thighs. Nostrils, eyes, & jaw line is light cream colour. Belly & under-tail is cream with yellow groin patches.

Chinchilla – Silvery Grey with black ticking. The undercolour to be dark slate blue at base, blending pearl (slate to be wider than pearl) with thin black edging, and neck fur lighter than body but strictly confined to nape, flanks and chest ticked shade of pearl, slightly lighter than body, eye circles light pearl grey, & ear lacing to be black.

White – Immaculate bright white fur, eyes

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