Conti Care Kit

Owning a conti care kit is vital for every rabbit owner. This “tool box” holds all of your needed items for caring for your Continental Giant. You can use any type of container, from a back-pack to small tote box with a lid or a small tackle or tool box. As long as it offers enough space to securely hold your items, it really doesn’t matter what the container is. You can even have a little fun by decorating and personalizing your own Conti care kit.

Conti care kits often include the items that you most commonly use. Some suggested items would be nail clippers, comb/brush, tattoo kit, handi-wipes, a couple ink pens & a small tablet or index cards to write notes on, a pocket calendar to record all your breeding dates, and so on. You may even want to buy a few mini or trial size bottles to keep in your conti care kit, to hold such things as small amounts of peroxide with water to use for removing urine stains from those pearly white bunnies. The point being is the use of a care-kit providing the organization needed to be able to do your job – of properly taking care of your pal – with the most effective, time-saving ability.