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Buying Conti’s can seem over-whelming. There are quite a few key factors that you need to be aware of. First and foremost – know what you are buying, and trust who you are buying from. Do not fail to do general health exams of each and every Conti that you get, regardless of where the rabbit comes from. Don’t forget to discuss any offer of health guarantee’s and full sales policies before purchasing. Furthermore, do not ever rush into any agreement that you are (& possibly should be) leary of. Asking questions is always suggested; however, please do so politely and respectfully. Additionally, always be honest and courteous, and always make sure to get a fully completed, signed pedigree, if at all possible.


You can currently expect to pay between $300.00 – $500.00 per Continental Giant. Add to that your trip expenses, if you go pick it up yourself – or transporter fees, if you have it shipped to you. Some breeders may even offer to hand-deliver to you (either by ground or air). However, expect all delivery expenses to be tacked onto your purchase price. The average cost of having a Transporter, or Breeder Delivery, is usually in the ballpark of $125.00 to $500.00 (per trip). Additionally, there are currently over 500 people in America who are waiting on buying conti’s. Due to this, most of the US Breeders have an average waiting period of 1+ year, so you will likely need to be patient. Also, with some-what nationally limited stock, a lot of the Continental Giants that are located within the United States are already tightly related to each other. If you have any intention at all in breeding your Conti’s, you do not want to breed brother-to-sister. Breeding liter-mates to an already highly restricted bloodline has been proven to reduce immunity levels and sizes. Therefore, continuing to do so, will only make matters worse.

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