Conti Housing

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Housing can come in many different shapes and sizes. A Conti Condo is a popular term used among Continental Giant Breeders as another name for a big hutch, pen, cage. Typically, Cont’s need a minimum space of 8’x 4′ of daily living space, plus ample room for exercise on a daily basis. They do well living outside, or in sheds or barns. However, due to this breed’s absolute need for human interaction on a very regular basis, if possible, it is suggested that they live inside your home.


Proper housing for your new Conti is as vital to life as the food that you give them. Thankfully, there are many options available for housing, both indoor and out. One key factor is that you make certain that they are in the best location that you can give them with the utmost security available. Always be sure that there is more than adequate coverage from strong winds. Excessive direct sunlight, rain, snow, and other elements can also cause problems. It’s best to have at least one section of the Condo (aka ‘hutch’) completely enclosed with solid materials. Providing this will also provide a place for escape from possible attacks from predators. Flooring should be a solid surface, to help prevent sore hocks and abscesses from forming on their huge, powerful feel. The roof tops need to be high enough so that your Conti can comfortably stand on his hind feet and stretch upwards, without rubbing the tips of his ears against the surface material.


Another notable requirement is ventilation. A constant supply of fresh air is needed for proper lung function and health. One way to do this is to leave the front area of the condo covered with wire. Furthermore, make sure that the top of the structure is slanted. This allow for any rain or snow to run-off the roof, rather than collect on top of it. And finally, you will want to have a door that is large enough to take him in and out of the Condo, eliminating as much risk as possible of bumping his head or getting his toes getting caught while doing so.

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